Our company methodology is based on the experience and skills of our technical and administration teams, aged between 30 and 55, who bring to our projects their eye for design and their ability to deliver highly complex solutions, without losing sight of compliance with legal standards, project feasibility and cost control in their proposals.

We are a specialised firm with an extensive career behind us, working in different architectural fields:


A multitude of housing projects bear witness to our experience in this sector. We have designed numerous luxury homes, coastal housing complexes and social housing buildings. All these projects have been completed using different building types: multi-family buildings, and semi-detached and detached single-family homes.

Health Care

Architecture for health care embodies the problem-solving capacities of our multi-skilled team, who can respond to highly complex functional requirements, creating sleek, clean-designed, easy-to-use, luminous and modern buildings. Our work in this field includes hospitals, high resolution hospitals, medical centres, and geriatric nursing homes, working on both new buildings and the extension and/or renovation of existing facilities.

Tertiary sector

In this sector we have designed a range of different buildings: Shopping centres, leisure centres, cinema complexes. Office buildings, Hotels.


Industrial complexes and warehouses

Urban planning

Management and development of sites through the following planning processes: Partial Development Plans, Special Interior Reform Plans, detail studies, urban development projects, etc.


This specialist area is a continuous process of updating processes for energy saving and energy certifications for buildings. Over recent years we have completed a number of projects in this field: Housing refurbishment, extensions, building rehabilitation, land use changes, etc.

Our business covers the entire architectonic process, in order to meet our clients’ demand for integral solutions. In this sense, the strengths of our company are:

1. Analysis, together with the client, of the most appropriate real estate product, given the location and characteristics of the site.

2. Where necessary, the development and processing of planning diagrams for the adaptation of the site.

3. Urban development analysis of the site. Implantation. Development potential and optimal use of urban development parameters.

4. Physical analysis of site: Topographic mapping, geotechnical study, preliminary study of existing local networks and installations, access easements, etc.

5. Architectonic design: Preliminary concept, schematic design, design development drawings and construction documents.

6. Creation of infographs and renders, models, videos, presentations, commercial sales processes for real estate developments, etc.

7. Creation of Bill of Quantities, and execution phase cost control

8. Design and calculations for reinforced concrete, steel and wooden structures.

9. Design and calculations for foundations.

10. Design and calculations for installations. In partnership with our engineers we offer the following services:

BUILDING INSTALLATIONS: All standard building installations: mid and low voltage electricity supply, heating and air conditioning, ventilation, fire protection, drainage and water supply, voice and data networks, pneumatic mail system, medicinal gas, compressed air and security control. Thermosolar and photovoltaic installations. Telecommunications installations

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Energy audits, energy efficiency, monitoring of buildings for preliminary studies and supervision of ongoing improvement, network analyses, thermographic cameras, data transmission networks, thermal insulation / soundproofing studies.

11. Health and safety studies.

12. Administrative and urban development procedures, processing of construction, business, first occupancy and operation permits. All these procedures are processed with the relevant government organisations.

13. Selection process for construction and site management contractors. Project management and technical and financial planning.

14. Final construction documents, final project certificate, evacuation floor plans, building log book, instructions for operation and maintenance of installations.